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Last week I upped my daily PP allowance from 26 to 29 in an attempt to stop my weight loss but this morning when I weighed in I had lost another 2lbs…oops. It’s a bit unexpected as I’ve consistently been losing 1.5lbs a week for a couple of months now, so I didn’t think eating more would mean losing more! Maybe I’ve just shaken up my metabolism a bit. At any rate, I’ve put my points up again this week to 32 per day, so hopefully that’ll do the trick.

The slight complication this week is that I’m going on a coven hen weekend which will involve a lot of eating and drinking. (I know this because I’ve organised it!) I think I’m going to save my weeklies and then write them all off at the weekend, which I haven’t done for a while, but I think it will help me to know I don’t have to feel guilty for thoroughly enjoying some bubbles…

1 bottle of champagne is 20PP and I figure with 49 weeklies to play with in addition to my 32 dailies I’ll be fine-I don’t drink very much and I’m sure that post baby I’m a total lightweight so even if I do manage half a bottle to myself that will be fine, points wise, and will leave me with plenty of gourmet foodie points too!

Now I’ve just got to figure out how not to spend the weekend missing DD. I know she’ll have a lovely weekend with DH (and she always adores Daddy time) but I keep having nightmares that she doesn’t recognise me when I get back…argh!


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When I started this WW lark-and this blog-I worked out how long it would take me to get to 10 stone if I lost 2lbs a week, 1lb a week or 0.5lb a week. My earliest target was therefore 17th April 2012, the date I would get to 10st if I lost 2lbs a week.

Well, today is 17th April 2012.

And I weigh 9st 13.5lbs.

I am sitting in the back of my WW meeting trying not to cry. Ridiculous I know, but I am so, so happy.

I love the fact that I went for a run yesterday and didn’t collapse under my own body weight. I love that when DD looks at me she sees ME, not fat me, or miserable me. I feel bloody fantastic. Now I just have to stick to it.

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One of the irritating things with getting closer to goal is that it’s pretty inevitable that your weight loss slows down. (Unless, I suppose, you go down the starvation route. Not a good idea!) This is because of a couple of different reasons, I reckon. Firstly, your body needs fewer calories because there’s less of it, but you need to be sensible and not reduce, reduce, reduce your calorie intake or you’ll end up on 500 a day and sitting miserably on your bum with grey skin and zero energy. Secondly, and mainly, in my opinion, when you’ve been on a diet for a while it’s terribly easy to congratulate yourself on your loss so far, forget how difficult it was to get into the correct mindset when you first started dieting and allow yourself ‘a few extra treats’ as you’ve been so good/you deserve it/you’re so close it won’t make a difference…

I am determined not to let this happen to me, or at least not for the second lot of reasons. I lost a pound this week and my first thought on the scales was a rather grumpy ‘Oh.’ I’ve had weeks where I’ve lost 2,3 or 4lbs! 1lb is crap! Except really, it’s not. It’s the healthy, slow, sensible way to lose weight that is sustainable long term, not the quick crash followed by binging on Chunky Monkey icecream while congratulating yourself on being so thin. If I only lose a pound a week from now until goal I’ll be happy-I’ll make myself be happy!-because I’ll know that when I stop dieting I’ve got a better chance of remaining healthy. Goal isn’t just a number, after all, it’s a way of life. (That might include the odd, sensibly sized helping of Chunky Monkey.)


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