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So this morning I went to my weigh in and found that I’d lost 7.5lbs since my last weigh in, which was 3 weeks ago.  I also did my measurements again and found that I’ve lost 20cm from my waist since I started on November 1st.  I’ve reached the WW milestone of 25lbs off, and my own of 2 stone off.

2 stone 1/2lb actually.

Since November 1st I’ve managed to stick to my points and still had the occasional take away, a few boozy nights and more than one mince pie.  I’ve also re-learned how to cook in some ways, and come to really enjoy doing it.  I’ve dropped a dress size and am well on my way to the next one.  I’m back in 34” bras.  My stomach is not flat but it’s a hell of a lot flatter than it was after DD was born.  My face is thinner and I have rediscovered my cheekbones.

DH told me that I could be a poster woman for WW, except that I’m too classy and beautiful.

I almost burst into tears on the scales, and I’ve felt pretty damn jubilant all day.  I could almost hear my mother telling me to contain myself!

Here’s to the 1st 9.5lbs that’s between me and my goal weight.  May it swiftly wave goodbye…


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The website My Virtual Model, found at is a great motivational tool.  It’s really for ‘trying on’ different styles of clothes, but if you ignore the clothes and focus on the model herself you get a good idea of what you’d look like at different weights.  Here’s me at 13st 10lbs and me at 10st:

Quite a difference!  (The site only allows you to have small/medium or medium/large breasts though.  Hah!  No option for the more realistic ‘bloody enormous’.)  Fingers crossed in a year or less I’ll look more like the second picture…

I haven’t used the site above to look at clothes or think about style, mainly because I like to think that I dress quite well whatever my size.  In reality of course, there are things I wear and then look back on and wonder what on earth I was thinking.  As a chubster my main strategy has been to wear clothes loose enough to ‘skim’ over any rolls, but slim-fitting enough to not make me look like a giant, walking tent.  That’s actually quite a tall order.  My main trouble has always been my tummy, which I can’t remember ever being flat, even when I was otherwise pretty slim.  The key is to wear jumpers and tops that are loose-ish over the shoulder and fairly long, so they cover a bit of hip, but quite straight up and down in the middle to disguise the flab.  (Though you’ve got to be careful with fabric as this can quickly look very 80s if you get it wrong.)  I also love my ‘Not Your Daughters’ Jeans’, which I mentioned the other day.  They are very American – quite high waisted.  They slightly run the risk of making you look like a 90s Deep South line dancer (just add cowboy boots for instant fashion suicide) but I tend to wear tops that hide quite how high they come up so it’s less of a problem.  I don’t know how they do it but they manage to suck you in like a corset would and simultaneously lift your bum a good couple of inches.  They are genius.  Unfortunately they’re also cripplingly expensive – about £170 which is the same price as proper designer jeans, and which I resent a bit!  Thank goodness for Black Friday.

The other thing I rely on a lot is dresses.  With boobs as ridiculous as mine shirts are impossible (unless worn over a vest and only buttoned over the stomach, which can look very slutty very quickly when your cleavage threatens to suck in and drown passers by) and I don’t tend to wear t-shirts as they can look stretched over the chest (again, slutty), not to mention a bit teenager-ish I think.  Dresses get over the modesty problem and can be dressed up or down depending.  I rely a lot on places that cut for curves like Hobbs and Jigsaw.  Whistles dresses are fabulous and made for my figure – I love them and wish I could afford more.  I loved Boden’s maternity range but find their normal range quite slim fitting.  I’ve bought trousers from them before that are flattering on my legs, fit my bum, look great from behind but won’t zip up at all – my hips are too big for the way they cut I think.  The perennial hour-glass fashion favourite of Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses are also brilliant, but they’re so expensive I only have two and they don’t currently fit.  Another reason to get to goal as quickly as possible!

A little-admitted problem of the modern fatty is the dreaded thigh chafe.  There is not much that is more unpleasant, and it makes tights or leggings a must with dresses.  I didn’t really get leggings until I was pregnant; I remembered a couple of horrendous BHS pairs my mother made me wear when I was at primary school (it was the 80s, to be fair) and vowed never to wear them again, but they’re far more useful and flattering than I gave them credit.  I still don’t get the three-quarter length ones worn with tops that don’t cover the bum though.  Just, why?!

Today is day four of the 30 Day Shred.  Just got to kick DH off the X-box so I can switch on Jillian in all her glory.

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The Calendar.

I’ve been looking at my calendar and (rather obsessively) working out various dates when I could be at goal.

1/2lb a week – July 16th 2013
1lb a week – September 11th 2012
2lbs a week – April 17th 2012

I suspect that the 1lb a week guesstimation will be the most accurate as even if I do lose more some weeks, there will be others where I lose less or nothing, particularly as I get closer to goal and it gets harder.  (Christmas will be fun too – I am guessing most people gain!)  The idea of being there by April is tantalising though, however unlikely and probably unhealthy it is.

Weightwatchers have adjusted the ProPoints system this week so the previous lowest possible number of Points a day of 29 is now 26.  The number of Points you’re allowed a day depends on your age, height and weight, and I’m currently on 29.  (I find that a little bit shocking to be honest, as it means that in the grand scheme of things I have far less to lose than some and I’m considered ‘slim’ compared to many – there are men on the WW boards who have around  55 Points a day to eat!  I would guess they are tall, in their 40s or 50s and morbidly obese.)  Your allowance is reduced as you lose weight, so at some point in the future I can now expect to be on 28, 27 or 26 Points a day.  This is causing some consternation at Weightwatchers as 29 Points a day is supposedly around 1200 calories – it doesn’t include various 0 Point foods such as fruit and veg though, so realistically you’re eating considerably more, probably about 1500-1600 calories a day.  On 26 Points you’d be getting far less than that (although again, fruit and veg plus a few other things don’t count), and there’s discussion about whether this is turning ProPoints from a sensible, sustainable, long-term plan into a very-low-calorie restricted diet that the majority of people won’t be able to keep up for longer than a few months.  I’m not sure to be honest; everyone has the option to earn ‘Activity Points’, and everyone also gets 49 ‘Weeklies’ in addition, which most people seem to use for chocolate and McDonalds, but I am trying to use for the occasional glass of wine and not too much extra!  Still, they come in handy for meals out, dinner parties or anything else where it’s hard to reasonably count Points.  Last week I used 4 of them and this week so far I’ve used 14.  I would prefer to keep them for the odd treat than eat them because they’re there, which is another strange part of the Weightwatchers mentality – ‘I’ve got 3 points left, I may as well eat a Twix’.  Er, I’m trying to STOP snacking mindlessly, not eat chocolate for the sake of it!

September 11th is the date I’m setting myself for goal.  It’s 8 days before DD’s 1st birthday, so I’ll have to buy something amazing to wear for her party!

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I’ve decided that as well as my 5% and 10% goals I’m going to buy a dress in a size 12 as an ‘in between’ goal.  Ultimately I’d like to be a size 10 (although admittedly my top half is unlikely to ever fit into a 10 properly without some serious intervention with an NHS scalpel) but I can see me fitting a 12 a lot more quickly, so hopefully this will provide some extra motivation.  I really, really love this dress from Monsoon.


It doesn’t look as beautiful in the picture as it does in real life – the embroidery is a very delicate silver and is absolutely stunning.  The only thing I’m not sure about is the lack of sleeves; I’ve always disliked my rather hefty upper arms and think they look better in a short sleeve.  But maybe rather than being a bad thing that will just motivate me to get to the gym!  I like the fact it has slightly more material around the waist too as I have a feeling that the Mummy-tummy may not be just a matter of weight; it’s going to take a huge amount of work to get rid of it I think and I might be reliant on Spanx for a while to come even when I get to goal.

I’ve been thinking about weight and why it’s such an emotive issue.  13st 10lbs, my starting weight on this journey, is almost certainly more than DH weighs.  He doesn’t know how much he weighs because he doesn’t really care – he eats what he likes and if he feels chunky he goes running.  As a result he’s got a perfectly healthy, trim body with very little effort indeed.  I, on the other hand, have a body which reflects over a decade of dieting then overeating, working out then slobbing around and generally never sticking to a healthy lifestyle for longer than a few months at a time.  The trouble is that when I’m not specifically making a habit of being healthy I go too far the other way and convince myself I ‘deserve a treat’ – ALL THE TIME.  It’s fine to have a chocolate bar when you fancy a sweet hit, but not if you do it every day, or do it after a three course lunch, or instead of dinner!  These things are so obvious it’s a marvel anyone ever gets fat.  Every other magazine in WH Smiths will tell you the blindingly obvious if you really are too stupid to work it out for yourself, and yet I and millions of other perfectly intelligent, rational people in this country essentially ignore common sense for the sake of instant gratification.

So often, of course, that instant gratification isn’t actually that gratifying.  I am the kind of person who will order a pudding because I’m still a bit peckish – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but will then get full half way through the sweet stodge I’ve ordered and continue eating until I’ve finished it anyway.  I might be sitting there complaining of feeling sick, but I will finish the pudding if it kills me.  Similarly, anything that comes in gravy or a sauce of any type just isn’t finished until I’ve practically licked the plate.  Why?!  For a start DH will sit there and cringe as I scrape the spoon around the edges (and yes, I have used a finger to get the last morsels up in the past – I’m not proud) and I’ll often feel my stomach turning at the thought of another drop of something overly rich, sweet or creamy.  But I just seem to be programmed to be greedy.

Noone likes to think of themselves as greedy – of course.  I did Weightwatchers several years ago, before I got married, and lost a couple of stone to get down to the 10st I now would like to be again.  It was hard but satisfying and I loved feeling fit and relatively slim.  I look at wedding photos now and can’t believe it’s me.  So why did I allow the scales to climb back up again?  Because, and I really think this is the key, greed’s evil twin sister is laziness.  There are people out there who are fat because they have genuine health issues, problems with their metabolism or their thyroid, psychological issues surrounding food resulting in eating disorders, etc.  I am not one of them.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with me.  I am just greedy for things that taste nice, and too lazy to counteract the effects of those things with smaller portions or some exercise.  I think I also have a bit of a thing about finishing what’s on the plate when I’ve paid for it – I feel I need to get my money’s worth.  Pretty nonsensical really – once you’ve paid, you’ve paid.

So my 13st 10lbs, a weight which fills me with horror because it makes me not only overweight but OBESE according to the lovely BMI charts, really is my own doing.  (According to those BMI charts I should weigh no more than 10st 10lbs.)  Yes, I had a baby, but I actually managed to do that very healthily.  I gained just under 2 stone and lost 1.5 stone within a week of her being born because it was mostly baby, fluid, placenta etc.  Fine.  I’m quite proud of that.  The rest of the weight, the ‘pre-existing flab’ as I’ve been referring to it, is entirely of my own making.  I’m lucky really; at 5ft 5 13st 10lbs could probably make me a size 18 or 20 if I had a different body shape but on me it’s a size 16, probably because of the afore-mentioned enormous breasts.  Thank God that underneath the flab I do actually have an hourglass figure.  It will look pretty good in that Monsoon dress I think – if I can get the greed under control and Zumba the laziness out of my bones.


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