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The BBC have got a really cool program up on their website at the moment that tells you how healthy you are compared to people from other countries, using BMI as the measurement. Of course BMI has its failings, the fact that it doesn’t take into account muscle mass for one, but it’s a fun little exercise.

Back in November last year when I was 13st 10lbs I apparently had more body fat than 97% of females aged 15-29 in this country and than 99% of the same category of women worldwide. Now that I’m 9st (yes, finally I am managing to maintain-at a whopping 50PP daily!) I have less body fat than 83% of young women in the UK and than 58% of those women worldwide. I suppose the only thing I’m surprised by is that the first figure is quite so high-to be fatter than 97% of women aged 15-29 in the UK is quite an achievement given that we’re in the middle of an obesity epidemic in the west! I did a bit of playing around with numbers and found that if I cheated and told the calculator I’m 30 (which, sob, I nearly am) the outcome changed quite significantly-I became fatter than 85% of women aged 30-44 in this country. All this makes my head spin a bit (no, I can’t believe I did Maths A-level either) but I think that suggests that women in the UK aged 30-44 are significantly fatter than those aged 15-29. I see this as quite encouraging really, as maybe it means there’s hope for the younger generation yet? Presumably the teenagers tilt the scale enough and are still healthy enough to outweigh (underweigh?!) those approaching their 30s.

Anyway, it’s fun to play around with. Where do you fit in?

BBC fat calculator

Incidentally, you can also change the country you’re from. If I were American I’d now be slimmer than 87% of my peers, rather than 83% in the UK. Given the reputation America has nowadays of being a land of fatties, I think the terrifying thing there is that the figures are so close. We cannot lazily point at the USA and say ‘at least we’re not as fat as them’ because we VERY nearly are. And we don’t have their portion sizes to contend with, so we’re doing that all on our own-not something to be proud of as a nation.

At the other end of the scale, in order to make myself slimmer than 100% of women aged 15-29 worldwide, I had to make my weight 4st 6lbs. That is a tragedy I can’t even contemplate at this time in the morning. That there are women out there ‘surviving’ at that weight makes me want to cry.


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Ideal weight?

How do people work out their ideal weight? How do they know in advance what weight they will look their best at? I had 10st in my head at the start of this process and I’m very nearly there. I still have considerable flab though! If I aim for 9st 7lbs will I feel the same when I get there or will that be the magic number? My healthy weight range is 8st 7lbs-10st 10lbs.

Numbers on a scale are so arbitrary. I wish there were some machine I could get into that would zap me and provide me with a print out telling me exactly how much I should weigh for maximum health and attractiveness.

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That, ladies and gentleman, is my 6th Silver 7 which means I have lost…drum roll please…half a pound over 3 stone since November 1st 2011! I am beyond delighted and can’t quite believe it to be honest. I was talking to my leader today about goals, as I don’t know what to put my official goal weight down as. I initially thought 10st as it is bang in the middle of the healthy BMI range for my height (which I’m finally in by the way!) but from a financial point of view, if I put it as 10st 7lbs (or anything up to 10st 10lbs actually) I can be ‘at goal’ and continue to lose weight if I want but go to meetings for free. Now, we’re buying a house (fingers crossed) so every penny counts at the moment…but I think in my heart of hearts I’d feel like I was cheating. Also, if I get to 50lbs off (and I’m at 42.5 now) then I get a certificate…and I’m a sucker for a certificate…!

I think I’m going to stick with 10st and have the financial aspect as an incentive to work as hard as humanly possible at it. It’s taken me the last 5 weeks to lose 9lbs so if I can do the same (plus half a pound) I’ll be there by mid April…

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This morning I tried on a pair of jeans that I couldn’t do up two weeks ago and they now fit perfectly.

Also, at my new weight of 12st 10lbs my BMI is now 29.6 which means I’m overweight, not obese.  Obviously I don’t want to remain overweight and firmly intend to continue losing, but it feels amazing nonetheless.

I love that last night I had my weekly pizza treat and I can still lose weight.  I love that I’m re-learning how to make healthy choices and I’m being encouraged to exercise and enjoy it.  I love that I have more energy and DH keeps telling me I look great.

So double woohoo!

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