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The Calendar.

I’ve been looking at my calendar and (rather obsessively) working out various dates when I could be at goal.

1/2lb a week – July 16th 2013
1lb a week – September 11th 2012
2lbs a week – April 17th 2012

I suspect that the 1lb a week guesstimation will be the most accurate as even if I do lose more some weeks, there will be others where I lose less or nothing, particularly as I get closer to goal and it gets harder.  (Christmas will be fun too – I am guessing most people gain!)  The idea of being there by April is tantalising though, however unlikely and probably unhealthy it is.

Weightwatchers have adjusted the ProPoints system this week so the previous lowest possible number of Points a day of 29 is now 26.  The number of Points you’re allowed a day depends on your age, height and weight, and I’m currently on 29.  (I find that a little bit shocking to be honest, as it means that in the grand scheme of things I have far less to lose than some and I’m considered ‘slim’ compared to many – there are men on the WW boards who have around  55 Points a day to eat!  I would guess they are tall, in their 40s or 50s and morbidly obese.)  Your allowance is reduced as you lose weight, so at some point in the future I can now expect to be on 28, 27 or 26 Points a day.  This is causing some consternation at Weightwatchers as 29 Points a day is supposedly around 1200 calories – it doesn’t include various 0 Point foods such as fruit and veg though, so realistically you’re eating considerably more, probably about 1500-1600 calories a day.  On 26 Points you’d be getting far less than that (although again, fruit and veg plus a few other things don’t count), and there’s discussion about whether this is turning ProPoints from a sensible, sustainable, long-term plan into a very-low-calorie restricted diet that the majority of people won’t be able to keep up for longer than a few months.  I’m not sure to be honest; everyone has the option to earn ‘Activity Points’, and everyone also gets 49 ‘Weeklies’ in addition, which most people seem to use for chocolate and McDonalds, but I am trying to use for the occasional glass of wine and not too much extra!  Still, they come in handy for meals out, dinner parties or anything else where it’s hard to reasonably count Points.  Last week I used 4 of them and this week so far I’ve used 14.  I would prefer to keep them for the odd treat than eat them because they’re there, which is another strange part of the Weightwatchers mentality – ‘I’ve got 3 points left, I may as well eat a Twix’.  Er, I’m trying to STOP snacking mindlessly, not eat chocolate for the sake of it!

September 11th is the date I’m setting myself for goal.  It’s 8 days before DD’s 1st birthday, so I’ll have to buy something amazing to wear for her party!


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