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One of the irritating things with getting closer to goal is that it’s pretty inevitable that your weight loss slows down. (Unless, I suppose, you go down the starvation route. Not a good idea!) This is because of a couple of different reasons, I reckon. Firstly, your body needs fewer calories because there’s less of it, but you need to be sensible and not reduce, reduce, reduce your calorie intake or you’ll end up on 500 a day and sitting miserably on your bum with grey skin and zero energy. Secondly, and mainly, in my opinion, when you’ve been on a diet for a while it’s terribly easy to congratulate yourself on your loss so far, forget how difficult it was to get into the correct mindset when you first started dieting and allow yourself ‘a few extra treats’ as you’ve been so good/you deserve it/you’re so close it won’t make a difference…

I am determined not to let this happen to me, or at least not for the second lot of reasons. I lost a pound this week and my first thought on the scales was a rather grumpy ‘Oh.’ I’ve had weeks where I’ve lost 2,3 or 4lbs! 1lb is crap! Except really, it’s not. It’s the healthy, slow, sensible way to lose weight that is sustainable long term, not the quick crash followed by binging on Chunky Monkey icecream while congratulating yourself on being so thin. If I only lose a pound a week from now until goal I’ll be happy-I’ll make myself be happy!-because I’ll know that when I stop dieting I’ve got a better chance of remaining healthy. Goal isn’t just a number, after all, it’s a way of life. (That might include the odd, sensibly sized helping of Chunky Monkey.)



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