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This week in my meeting I hit 9st 7.5lbs and decided to change onto the maintenance plan. Essentially this means adding 6PP to your daily allowance but WW recommend doing it in stages so you don’t shock your body too much. (I have no idea whether this is very scientific. Doesn’t sound it, does it?!) At any rate, this week I’ve moved from 26PP to 29PP dailies. I still get my 49 weeklies too. The trouble with the increase is that because I’ve got used to cooking in a certain way, it’s actually easier to add a chocolate bar than to add healthy food. For instance, yesterday I realised that the omelette I was making DH and I for tea was going to be very heavy on veg and a bit light on eggs, because I was using up mushrooms and courgettes that needed to be eaten. It took about a minute of going ‘Hm, I wonder whether this is going to hold together in the pan or whether I’d better turn it into scrambled eggs with vegetables’ before I realised I had the points available to just add another egg and make it a slightly bigger meal. Not rocket science! Still, it’ll be interesting to see how I get on at next week’s weigh in. Until you find the right level of daily PPs for your body your weight can fluctuate quite a lot I believe, so I’m prepared for a bumpy ride for the next few weeks. My main concern is that as I eat all my weeklies anyway (which lots of people don’t do) and I’ve lost 1.5-2lbs a week most weeks, 32PP daily might not actually be enough to stop the weight loss. Most people in my meeting lost 0.5-1lb a week on 26PP and only a few weeklies so I’m already eating more and losing more weight than them. Hopefully I can figure out the right level for me soon.

On a very cheesy note, I found a YouTube video of a Weight Watcher who lost over 6 stone in just over a year. YouTube is full of these kinds of videos and they inevitably have a sound track of M People (as this one does!) but this one is particularly good in terms of before and after pictures. It’s helpful to watch because when I look in the mirror I don’t really see much of a difference. I know that sounds crazy and objectively I know I’ve lost almost 4.5 stone and gone from a size 16/18 to 10 so, of course, I know my body’s changed. But the mindset of ‘I’m fat,’ ‘there’s no point in trying that on because it won’t fit,’ ‘let me see whether they have it in a large’ etc still prevails and is hard to shake. Even though the lady in the video isn’t me (and even though she’s lost a lot more weight than me) it’s nice to see the change on someone else’s body and think maybe other people can see it on mine.

M People lady


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Into the 10s

I haven’t blogged for ages because we’ve been super busy-in the last 3 days we’ve been to a family wedding, bought a house and I’ve had some big changes with my job! More on all that to come at some later date.

I’m proud of myself therefore that amidst all that I’ve managed to stick to WW and have lost another pound this week, taking me into the 10s for the first time in years. At 10st 13.5lbs admittedly it’s only just-but it’s a bloody good feeling!

Here’s to a good week all round…

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So this morning I went to my weigh in and found that I’d lost 7.5lbs since my last weigh in, which was 3 weeks ago.  I also did my measurements again and found that I’ve lost 20cm from my waist since I started on November 1st.  I’ve reached the WW milestone of 25lbs off, and my own of 2 stone off.

2 stone 1/2lb actually.

Since November 1st I’ve managed to stick to my points and still had the occasional take away, a few boozy nights and more than one mince pie.  I’ve also re-learned how to cook in some ways, and come to really enjoy doing it.  I’ve dropped a dress size and am well on my way to the next one.  I’m back in 34” bras.  My stomach is not flat but it’s a hell of a lot flatter than it was after DD was born.  My face is thinner and I have rediscovered my cheekbones.

DH told me that I could be a poster woman for WW, except that I’m too classy and beautiful.

I almost burst into tears on the scales, and I’ve felt pretty damn jubilant all day.  I could almost hear my mother telling me to contain myself!

Here’s to the 1st 9.5lbs that’s between me and my goal weight.  May it swiftly wave goodbye…

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