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In one pound’s time I will be officially healthy – according to BMI calculators that is.  There’s a good one here if you’re interested:

I have to say, although I had a great loss this week (2.5lbs – woo!), I was a bit gutted to be only 1lb away.  When I hit healthy I also hit 3 stone…

I thought it would be cool to show my weight loss here – so hopefully I can look back in a few years and say ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe I had to go through that!’  So here goes.  In the brackets are my weight loss that week followed by my total weight loss.

13st 10lbs

13st 6.5lbs (3.5lbs/3.5lbs)

13st 1.5lbs (5lbs/8.5lbs)

12st 13lbs (2.5lbs/11lbs)

12 st 10lbs (3lbs/1st)

12st 9lbs (1lb/15lbs)

12st 5.5lbs (3.5lbs/21lbs)

12st 3lbs (2.5lbs/21lbs)

(Missed two weigh ins over Christmas)

11st 9.5lbs (7.5lbs/28.5lbs)

11st 7.5lbs (2lbs/30.5lbs)

11st 6.5lbs (1lb/31.5lbs)

11st 4.5lbs (2lbs/33.5lbs)

11st 2lbs (2.5lbs/36lbs)

11st 0.5lbs (1.5lbs/37.5lbs)

10st 13.5lbs (1lb/38.5lbs)

10st 11lbs (2.5lbs/41lbs)

Starting measurements
Waist – 104cm (bear in mind I’d had a baby 6 weeks beforehand…argh!!)
Hips – 112cm
Bust – 113cm
Arms – 33cm
Thighs – 67cm

Current measurements and difference
Waist – 80cm (-24cm)
Hips – 94cm (-18cm)
Bust – 94cm (-19cm)
Arms – 29cm (-4cm)
Thighs – 53.5cm (-13.5cm)

And for good measure, here’s what 1lb of fat looks like…

And here’s what 3 stone looks like…

(Seriously.  It’s 4ft long.  …  words fail me a little bit.)


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I can’t go to my weigh in this week as my weigh day is usually Tuesday and tomorrow we’ll be driving across the country to see my folks.  I was feeling a bit panicked about it and worried that I’d get off track if I didn’t see the scales going down, so I decided to take my measurements instead to help me stay focused.  (I also bought a pair of cords from Fat Face in a size 14 to cheer me up.  Three things I haven’t said for a while – I haven’t worn cords since the 90s, Fat Face possibly since the 80s and a size 14 since last year!)

So here are the results, 8 weeks (almost) to the day since I started WW:

Waist -16cm
Hips -11cm
Bust -11cm
Arms -3cm each
Thighs -6cm each

I am rather proud of that!  The cords I bought are also a little bit big – the 12s fit but not comfortably so I decided to buy the 14s and not kid myself about being a 12 yet.  But I am on my way!

Christmas was lovely; DD looked super cute in her little red dress (and obligatory humiliating photo of her inside her stocking) and everyone loved their presents.  DH did himself particularly proud in buying mine – I got Chanel no 17. Poudre (GORGEOUS), a load of Bobbi Brown goodies including their cream eyeshadow in Moonstone which I’ve wanted for ages, a beautiful cobalt blue coat from Monsoon and a kindle!  I never thought I’d want a kindle, being of the school of thought that books-are-works-of-art-that-smell-lovely-and-nothing-will-ever-beat-turning-the-page-and-it’s-a-crying-shame-that-computers-are-taking-over-the-world, but you know what?  Turns out it’s possible to love the real thing as well as the electronic version.  So far on it I’ve read Dark Matter, a pretty spooky ghost story by Michelle Paver, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, a weird and wonderful story about a family with special ‘powers’ by Aimee Bender and some tripe by Sophie Crap-sella that was free.  I’m now reading Death Comes to Pemberley which is fantastic – I never thought P.D. James would pull off Austen’s voice but she really does and I’d thoroughly recommend it.  DH got an iPad from me and has, since staring at it open mouthed for a good ten minutes, pretty much ignored me ever since!  I feel like an iPad widow…

I’m now off to bed to have a bit of a read and get some sleep before our long haul tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot – DD has slept through the night for three nights in a row!  Please God let this become the norm…

I hope everyone’s had as merry a Christmas as we have!


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I haven’t been to my weigh in yet today, though I don’t feel like there’s going to be much difference on the scales for some reason this week.  I think last week’s loss was just so big that there’s no way my body could keep that up.  I did, however, take my measurements this morning and was quite astounded by the results.  In three weeks I’ve lost 1.5cm from each arm, 2cm from each thigh, 2cm from my hips, 9cm from my bust and a staggering 13cm from my waist.  I’m not entirely sure how this is possible!  I would guess that a significant chunk of it was water, but still, I’m rather pleased.

On a bit of a whim yesterday I bought a pair of NYDJ jeans from Amazon in their Black Friday Deals Week – they were £50 down from £170 which I felt was rather bargainous!  I have one pair already and they really are the most comfortable, flattering thing.  I’ve bought a size smaller than I currently need as my motivational item of clothing instead of the dress from Monsoon – much as I love it, I figure jeans are a better way to see weight loss as if they don’t fit they really don’t fit, while a loose-ish dress can sort of be manipulated to fit.

Here they are in all their waist-cinching, bum-lifting glory.

Those are my legs, honest…

A quick edit post weigh in – I should have had more faith, 2.5lbs down!  I’ve met my 5% goal, woohoo!

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