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I haven’t blogged for ages because we’ve been so busy-we’ve moved house, I’ve been to a coven hen weekend, done make up at two weddings and at a studio a couple of times and last weekend we were at a coven wedding. Phew. It was brilliant, and also a chance for DD to spend some quality time with Granny as we took the opportunity to have a weekend away for the first time since she was born!

Anyway, a funny thing has been happening to me and it’s beginning to annoy me now. I’ve been trying to maintain my weight for almost two months, but have been failing spectacularly. This could be terrible-I could be packing on the pounds, but in fact I keep losing. Consistently. I’m in no danger of becoming underweight (I could lose another stone before that happened!) but I have started to feel comfortable at size 8, buying clothes etc, and I’m finding myself now needing a 6 in several places. I keep upping my points and I know I’m lucky because some WWers have to maintain on 29 or 32PP, while I’ve just put mine up to 45 dailies having lost another 1.5lbs on 41 (and had a wedding at the weekend! Where I didn’t point, AND had plenty of champagne! What is that about?!) but it’s getting frustrating. I intended to maintain at 9st 7lbs but weighed in this morning at 9st 0.5lbs. My leader says to just keep adding points, but I’m getting to the stage where I just want to have a week off entirely, eat a load of crap and see what happens. It’s pretty odd to have this number of points and still be losing-in fact I’m the only person I know in this situation. When I’m feeling anxious I wonder whether while doing WW I’ve got a mystery disease which has been concealed by my diet and dramatic weight loss is a side effect. Could I have messed up my thyroid? I don’t know, but if I’ve lost more weight next week I’m going to 50PP, and the GP.


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This isn’t exactly new news as it was written about in the Guardian a while ago, but I kept meaning to blog about it and forgetting. A very clever computer-y person created a site where you can put in your measurements and be told which shops cut clothes best for your particular figure. This is great, as most shops seem to size their clothes by throwing darts at a board covered in labels. On one memorable occasion I needed a size 10 skirt in H&M but the matching jacket had to be a 16. I mean, I have big boobs, but not that much bigger.

Try it out at Sizes. My measurements at the moment are 35, 28, 35 which apparently means I’m anything between a 6 (skirts in Reiss) and a 12 (tops in Monsoon), with my best shops being Gap for tops (10) and Topshop for skirts and dresses (also 10). My size 8 trouser purchase yesterday came from Gap, which fits the chart, and I also bought a pair of jeans in Topshop in a 10, which fits it. Overall, I’m impressed-it’s a simple idea and I don’t know why somebody didn’t come up with it before! Certainly for those ‘between sizes’ times it will be very useful for women not wanting to brave the high street unarmed.

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O. M. G.

And I never say that. Because I’m not 14. But it’s the only appropriate thing to say.

I just bought a pair of size 8 trousers.

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