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I haven’t been to my weigh in yet today, though I don’t feel like there’s going to be much difference on the scales for some reason this week.  I think last week’s loss was just so big that there’s no way my body could keep that up.  I did, however, take my measurements this morning and was quite astounded by the results.  In three weeks I’ve lost 1.5cm from each arm, 2cm from each thigh, 2cm from my hips, 9cm from my bust and a staggering 13cm from my waist.  I’m not entirely sure how this is possible!  I would guess that a significant chunk of it was water, but still, I’m rather pleased.

On a bit of a whim yesterday I bought a pair of NYDJ jeans from Amazon in their Black Friday Deals Week – they were £50 down from £170 which I felt was rather bargainous!  I have one pair already and they really are the most comfortable, flattering thing.  I’ve bought a size smaller than I currently need as my motivational item of clothing instead of the dress from Monsoon – much as I love it, I figure jeans are a better way to see weight loss as if they don’t fit they really don’t fit, while a loose-ish dress can sort of be manipulated to fit.

Here they are in all their waist-cinching, bum-lifting glory.

Those are my legs, honest…

A quick edit post weigh in – I should have had more faith, 2.5lbs down!  I’ve met my 5% goal, woohoo!


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