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Well tonight I went to my first ever Zumba class and was very pleasantly surprised!  I was quite nervous as I have all the rhythm of a deaf monkey but I actually got along fairly well, although compared to the more seasoned class members I was rubbish of course.  I’m hoping that as I feel more confident with the moves over the coming weeks my hips will start to move in a more fluid way!  Despite my lack of dance skills it was a lot of fun and the music was great.  I definitely worked up a sweat, and my Weightwatchers pedometer tells me I earned 10 activity points, which is brilliant.  I don’t actually eat my activity points but it’s nice to count them up, and I only get a few each day from walking, usually anything between 2 and 8.

The class is held in a hotel about 20 minutes walk away from us which is great because it means DH can look after DD after work and I can pop down there without having to bother with the creche in the gym – she is too young for that I think and I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving her with a stranger yet.  I’m going to see if the hotel have any other classes as while it was great exercise I’m fairly sure once a week won’t have a massive effect on my weight loss.  If there’s a Monday or Tuesday class I can go to too that would be great.

DH told me he’s told his colleagues that I’ve lost 8lbs – he’s proud of me and it’s sweet but I’m so embarrassed!  In a way I suppose it’s no different to sharing it on here, but somehow it’s a bit cringey his work mates knowing how much weight I’ve lost as it inadvertently points out to them how overweight I am.  Oh well…

I’m making spicy parsnip soup for supper tonight – it’s currently simmering in fact.  It’s very easy: roast some parsnips with some cumin, add to stock with red pepper and onion, simmer away and then blitz with a processor (though it’s better with some chunks to it).  Yummy, and all for only 5 points.

We’re trying to get DD into a bit of an evening routine as she usually feeds in the early evening, falls asleep on one of us (and won’t go down in her basket instead) until a late evening feed (usually at about 11pm) and then goes down in her basket beautifully and sleeps through until she’s ready for another feed at around 3 or 4 in the morning.  We’re trying to recreate the circumstances of the later feed at the earlier one, as she clearly doesn’t mind her basket at that point.  I think the key is the darkness she’s usually fed in at that time, so tonight we’ve fed her in the nursery and left her in there with the baby monitor on.  It’s a bit nerve wracking as normally whenever she’s asleep it’s in the same room as at least one of us, but when we go to bed we’ll move her back in with us (at risk of waking her up!) and in the meantime we’re checking on her about every 3 minutes!  So far so good – she had a bit of a cry after about half an hour in her basket but we managed to soothe her with some cuddles and tummy rubbing.  Fingers crossed she’ll stay down now for a few hours and DH and I might actually get an evening alone together…that hasn’t happened since before she was born!


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