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I completely forgot that I used to write this blog. Just like a diet, when you get to goal and you stop trying, I guess I did the same with this. And then tonight, on a whim, I logged into wordpress and saw something completely astonishing…in the 2 or so years since I last posted, I have had over 25,000 views.


I’m amazed my ramblings were interesting enough to get one person reading, much less 25,000. (Or maybe it was one person, 25,000 times. Hm…)

Anyway, as I’m here, I thought I should update. Did I gain all the weight back when I stopped thinking about WW and my diet? Well, yes, but I had a good reason for it – our baby boy is now 6 months old and an adorable addition to the family. I maintained well until I got pregnant and then I didn’t quite gain all of it back, thank God, presumably because I was SO much healthier before this second pregnancy than I was last time around. In fact it was annoying because I really didn’t gain much at all during this one until the last month or so when my PGP got so bad I was reduced to lying on the sofa all day while poor DD amused herself at my feet. I gained a stone in 5 weeks. Ugh. But anyway, gorgeous DS arrived, all was good with the world, I celebrated with lots of cake, waited the requisite 6 weeks and trotted back to WW. And now, here I am, oh so nearly but not quite back in the healthy zone. I’m currently weighing in at 11st 9lbs and a size 12, so I’ve got just under a stone till I’m officially BMI OK, and then another stone or so until I’m back to where I’m comfortable.

This time round it’s coming off much more slowly. Much more. By this point last time I’d lost over 3 stone! But I have a feeling I’ve buggered my metabolism by being fat then getting pregnant then dieting then getting pregnant then dieting, so I’m happy for it to come off more slowly and hopefully not do any more damage. I’m also being more proactive about exercise this time round, and have started doing the MuTu System which is designed to rebuild core strength after pregnancy (any time after – even 30 years after – quite extraordinary!) and help close Diastasis Recti. Wendy Powell, the genius behind it, advocates eating whole foods and little sugar (it’s a sort-of-almost-approximation of Paleo – ish) and I’ve been following those rules as much as possible, while continuing to count ProPoints just to check that my portion sizes are under control. There’s also a Facebook group to go along with the exercise videos from Wendy with a lot of super inspirational Mamas helping each other out, which I’m enjoying a lot.

So that’s it, that’s where I am. I don’t fit into most of my clothes but I’m on the way to feeling strong, I have the most scrumptious baby you can imagine, a completely mental and delightful three year old, a very tired but very wonderful husband and life is pretty damn sweet. And now I’ve remembered I’ve got a blog to write.


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This week in my meeting I hit 9st 7.5lbs and decided to change onto the maintenance plan. Essentially this means adding 6PP to your daily allowance but WW recommend doing it in stages so you don’t shock your body too much. (I have no idea whether this is very scientific. Doesn’t sound it, does it?!) At any rate, this week I’ve moved from 26PP to 29PP dailies. I still get my 49 weeklies too. The trouble with the increase is that because I’ve got used to cooking in a certain way, it’s actually easier to add a chocolate bar than to add healthy food. For instance, yesterday I realised that the omelette I was making DH and I for tea was going to be very heavy on veg and a bit light on eggs, because I was using up mushrooms and courgettes that needed to be eaten. It took about a minute of going ‘Hm, I wonder whether this is going to hold together in the pan or whether I’d better turn it into scrambled eggs with vegetables’ before I realised I had the points available to just add another egg and make it a slightly bigger meal. Not rocket science! Still, it’ll be interesting to see how I get on at next week’s weigh in. Until you find the right level of daily PPs for your body your weight can fluctuate quite a lot I believe, so I’m prepared for a bumpy ride for the next few weeks. My main concern is that as I eat all my weeklies anyway (which lots of people don’t do) and I’ve lost 1.5-2lbs a week most weeks, 32PP daily might not actually be enough to stop the weight loss. Most people in my meeting lost 0.5-1lb a week on 26PP and only a few weeklies so I’m already eating more and losing more weight than them. Hopefully I can figure out the right level for me soon.

On a very cheesy note, I found a YouTube video of a Weight Watcher who lost over 6 stone in just over a year. YouTube is full of these kinds of videos and they inevitably have a sound track of M People (as this one does!) but this one is particularly good in terms of before and after pictures. It’s helpful to watch because when I look in the mirror I don’t really see much of a difference. I know that sounds crazy and objectively I know I’ve lost almost 4.5 stone and gone from a size 16/18 to 10 so, of course, I know my body’s changed. But the mindset of ‘I’m fat,’ ‘there’s no point in trying that on because it won’t fit,’ ‘let me see whether they have it in a large’ etc still prevails and is hard to shake. Even though the lady in the video isn’t me (and even though she’s lost a lot more weight than me) it’s nice to see the change on someone else’s body and think maybe other people can see it on mine.

M People lady

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