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The Coven.

My best friends and I call ourselves ‘the coven’, after the then-boyfriend of one of us called us that one time.  DH says when we get together we speak so fast it’s like listening to us talking in Chinese, and I quite like the idea of a mini coven of Chinese witches, cackling away together.  We’re very like that, but without the witchcraft, or the Chinese!

3 of the 4 of them came to stay this weekend to meet DD and have a bit of a reunion.  (No. 4 ditched us for a weekend in Berlin…if you’re reading this I hope it was COLD without us!)  It was so lovely to see them, introduce DD and generally ‘chat shit in Chinese’ (direct quote from DH).  There was a brilliant half hour or so where everyone was sitting on the floor painting their nails and poor DH was looking at us in mock despair…I know he loves it really though.  I’m the first to have a baby so there was a lot of cooing and cuddling and baby-talk, and DD absolutely loved it.  She was so chilled out for the whole weekend (apart from a half hour spell where she was fed up with being in the sling in the cold, bless her) and really smiley.  I think she liked all the attention!  They successfully wore her out too, because last night she slept from 8.15pm to 6am…OH THE BLISS!  I hope they come back soon and work the same magic spells.

I was a bit worried about sticking to the diet over the weekend as it’s always hard when you’re eating out or entertaining, so I saved all my weeklies for the occasion.  We went out for a Thai meal on Friday night and on Saturday we were out for lunch and then for supper I cooked risotto and we consumed a few bottles of champagne and wine.  I’ve pointed as faithfully as I could (bearing in mind a fair amount of guesswork was necessary for the Thai meal) and I think I’ve stayed within my points – just.  It will be interesting to see the effect on my weight loss this week, as I’ve never used all my weeklies, (well, 44) before – usually I don’t use more than about 20.  To be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything, but given that in the old days I’d probably have gained a couple of pounds from a weekend like that I’m hoping that I’ll have stayed the same weight instead.  Even if I haven’t, it was definitely worth it.  A treat weekend is important now and then!  (Especially when DH was lovely enough to do both nights ‘on duty’ so I could give myself my first hangover since 2010…ouch.)

So I’ll raise an imaginary glass to my lovely, crazy, nail-varnished, champagne wielding, Chinese, magical coven, who I love. x


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