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I read recently that the whole concept of giving up alcohol for January as a detox for the liver is a waste of time, as a) most people don’t last a month and b) the benefits are minimal.  Apparently you’re better off having at least 3 alcohol-free days per week, and only drinking in moderation on the days you do drink.  Now to my mind that’s perfectly sensible, but there’s no way I drink on 4 days of an average week anyway, so telling myself not to drink for 3 days a week is too easy!  But then perhaps I’m coming at it from a slightly different angle anyway.

For the past few years I’ve had alcohol-free (or nearly alcohol-free) Januaries as I’ve felt that the Christmas and New Year period is so full of booze that my body needs a rest.  It’s not like I spend the whole of December binging on wine, but between the work drinks, Christmas parties, champagne, brandy butter (oh brandy butter!) and occasional whiskey it’s very easy to consume far, far more than I’d normally drink.  The first year I did it I was shocked because I lost half a stone in weight – and I wasn’t on a diet!  That was purely alcohol weight…pretty frightening really.

So I’m not ‘detoxing’ (and certainly not in the juicing sense) but I will be going mostly alcohol free this month.  We don’t go out very often nowadays but as we don’t really drink at home it just means having soft drinks when we do go out to meet friends.  I didn’t drink while pregnant apart from a couple of glasses of champagne at a friend’s wedding so I’ve barely touched alcohol in 2010 to be honest; I’m hoping that it won’t be too difficult as a result and that it will also have a positive effect on my weight loss.  After all, as lovely as the occasional glass of wine is, it is really just empty calories!

I haven’t been to weigh in since 20th December due to all the driving around the country and I also haven’t been nearly as active as normal – I’ve done far less walking for a start, but I’m hoping that because I’ve been good and not gone over my points (despite a fair bit of indulging) I’ll still have lost a few pounds by the time I get to my meeting next Tuesday.  If I can have lost 7lbs in the three weeks I’ll be very happy as that will take me to 11st 10lbs, which is exactly 2 stone less than my starting weight.

So hopefully by February I’ll be well past 2 stone down and can indulge in a celebratory glass of red or two!


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I can’t go to my weigh in this week as my weigh day is usually Tuesday and tomorrow we’ll be driving across the country to see my folks.  I was feeling a bit panicked about it and worried that I’d get off track if I didn’t see the scales going down, so I decided to take my measurements instead to help me stay focused.  (I also bought a pair of cords from Fat Face in a size 14 to cheer me up.  Three things I haven’t said for a while – I haven’t worn cords since the 90s, Fat Face possibly since the 80s and a size 14 since last year!)

So here are the results, 8 weeks (almost) to the day since I started WW:

Waist -16cm
Hips -11cm
Bust -11cm
Arms -3cm each
Thighs -6cm each

I am rather proud of that!  The cords I bought are also a little bit big – the 12s fit but not comfortably so I decided to buy the 14s and not kid myself about being a 12 yet.  But I am on my way!

Christmas was lovely; DD looked super cute in her little red dress (and obligatory humiliating photo of her inside her stocking) and everyone loved their presents.  DH did himself particularly proud in buying mine – I got Chanel no 17. Poudre (GORGEOUS), a load of Bobbi Brown goodies including their cream eyeshadow in Moonstone which I’ve wanted for ages, a beautiful cobalt blue coat from Monsoon and a kindle!  I never thought I’d want a kindle, being of the school of thought that books-are-works-of-art-that-smell-lovely-and-nothing-will-ever-beat-turning-the-page-and-it’s-a-crying-shame-that-computers-are-taking-over-the-world, but you know what?  Turns out it’s possible to love the real thing as well as the electronic version.  So far on it I’ve read Dark Matter, a pretty spooky ghost story by Michelle Paver, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, a weird and wonderful story about a family with special ‘powers’ by Aimee Bender and some tripe by Sophie Crap-sella that was free.  I’m now reading Death Comes to Pemberley which is fantastic – I never thought P.D. James would pull off Austen’s voice but she really does and I’d thoroughly recommend it.  DH got an iPad from me and has, since staring at it open mouthed for a good ten minutes, pretty much ignored me ever since!  I feel like an iPad widow…

I’m now off to bed to have a bit of a read and get some sleep before our long haul tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot – DD has slept through the night for three nights in a row!  Please God let this become the norm…

I hope everyone’s had as merry a Christmas as we have!


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So after a mammoth 9 hour journey to London from York (God knows why it took that long-we did have a 2.5 hour lunch stopover at my grandparents’ though) we have arrived and DD is settling into her new environment. Amazingly she’s slept fine both nights we’ve been here so far and hasn’t seemed too bothered by not being at home. Maybe she’s too little to notice? She’s finally met her other set of grandparents too and managed to vomit all over her great-grandmother which was a bit amusing and kind of nerve wracking as Great Granny was a bit confused by the whole concept of having a new baby in the family anyway. She kept forgetting who she was and poor DH had to tell her baby’s name about 5 times as she was convinced her name was Elvis and was understandably a bit put out as to why we’d given a girl a boy’s name. Actually I quite like Elvis as a nickname…

I have found a WW meeting to go to this afternoon as I wasn’t at home for my usual Tuesday meeting. I’ve been ill again and had a day of eating practically nothing and a day of eating roast with the inlawas so goodness knows how my weight loss will be affected. My plan is still to be very good all this week and then to not worry too much on Christmas day (within reason) so fingers crossed I can still lose over the Christmas period.  I’m on antibiotics at the moment which I’m sure is helping as it means I can’t drink even if I want to.  It was a shame to have to turn down my grandfather’s customary lunchtime glass of Madeira though!

Also later today, DD will get to meet the final member of the coven which is very exciting for us all!

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Yesterday I bought a (fake, sadly) Christmas tree, wrapped all the presents we’ve bought, strung up the fairy lights and listened to carols all afternoon with DD while I decorated to my heart’s content.

DD loved the lights and spent ages staring at them!

It got me thinking about Christmas and how it is a dieter’s nightmare at the same time as being one of the loveliest times of the year.  That I know of so far, we’ve got two carol services (no doubt with mince pies and mulled wine), a ‘pre-Christmas’ lunch at ours for the inlaws about a week before Christmas, a week at my mother’s, a week with my father, lots of friends to see and many hundreds of miles to drive.  At my count we’re going to have at least two Christmas dinners, if not three, plus many pub meals, leftovers, service station food and gazillions of mince pies to try and avoid.  When I started WW I (perhaps naively) said that I was going to point throughout the holiday season but not on Christmas day, which I’d have ‘off’. I think, instead, I’m going to try and follow their ‘Filling and Healthy’ plan on the days where it’s impossible to point.  (I’m still having Christmas day off though!)

The Filling and Healthy plan is the Core plan rebranded, and Core is what I did when I lost weight with WW before so I’m pretty confident with it.  Essentially, it’s only eat healthy foods (whole grains, lean meat, fruit and veg etc) and only eat until you’re satisfied.  So far, so sensible.  (And actually, long term, a far better plan to stick to for life than one which involves counting points every day.)  It doesn’t, of course, include mince pies (more’s the shame) but it does mean that even a Christmas dinner is allowable as long as you make the right choices.  That means go easy on the gravy, only have a couple of roast potatoes, have lots of veg etc.  I can do that I think, and not feel deprived.  It’s also useful for pub meals, where you can usually get a piece of grilled fish with some veg, or a jacket potato or something.  When the inlaws come round I’m going to use a different tactic though, and sneakily cook the Christmas dinner recipes provided by WW – I’m hoping they won’t be able to tell it’s a low fat version!

I don’t want to spend the holidays obsessing about points and worrying about weighing out my potatoes.  Fingers crossed Filling and Healthy is the way to go…

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