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When I read about the new Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection I was so excited-this is a seriously beautiful capsule collection comprising a creme rouge and a perfect, true red lipstick. Unfortunately it’s not available in the UK (or it’s not at the moment anyway-fingers crossed they will release it here one day) but luckily for me my lovely Dad and step-Mum live in the States and responded quickly to my begging emails! They got it in Bloomingdales and it came with a free gift set too which was a nice bonus. (Actually, it was out of stock in their local Bloomingdales so they got it shipped from California to them and then from them to me-they are amazing!)

So here it is, first with the freebies. (There was also a make up bag but I forgot to get a picture of it. It’s nice though-pretty big too which is handy.)


So from left to right, missing out the Mad Men bits, you can see a Pure Colour Blush Trio (the colours are Peach Passion Shimmer, Sensuous Rose Satin and Wild Sunset Shimmer) with a mini but good quality (ish-it’s a little harsh feeling but does blend well) brush, Soft Clean Tender Creme Cleanser, Idealist, Day Wear moisturiser, Pure Colour Lipstick in Pink Parfait Shimmer and a duo of Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara and Star Pink Shimmer gloss. Unfortunately the lipstick got a bit squished in transit but it’s going straight into my palette anyway so it doesn’t matter. I’d never tried this particular mascara before and I like it a lot. It’s not particularly good in the volume stakes, despite its name, but it does give lovely definition.

And here are the Mad Men lovelies in all their glory…



As you can see, they are gorgeous. The Creme Rouge is 01, Evening Rose; it’s intensely pigmented so you only need a little but once on it’s quite sheer and is easily blendable. It’s a very good pinky blush for the ‘English Rose’ look but I reckon it would also look great built up a bit on darker skins. The lipstick is 78, Cherry, and is a fabulous red, though not as vampy as I expected. It would suit cool and warm skin tones and lasts a good few hours, leaving a nice stain too. I have to say though, I was a bit disappointed that the lipstick is a miniature size! That was definitely not reflected in the price and it seems a bit bizarre that the freebie lipstick is full size while the very expensive one is only 2g. I’ve read elsewhere that lipsticks in the 50s and 60s did tend to be smaller, so perhaps EL are mirroring that. The packaging, however, is utterly beautiful, and I expect how Estée Lauder get away with the price they’re charging. The rouge was $40 and the lipstick $25, so not cheap, but in my opinion, worth it just for the joy of getting these out in public. They’re satisfyingly heavy and clunky and the rouge has a lovely ‘click’ shut with the blue stone on the front. The gold is glamorous and classy in an obviously vintage way, and I’m really looking forward to slipping them into my handbag! Definitely check out the Estée Lauder website and read the reviews-this collection is proving very popular. Apparently it will be followed by another collection next year, so I can’t wait to see that. I hope there’s a powder compact in there. This collection is beautifully designed and I can imagine the women on Mad Men whipping either piece out in order to freshen up or seduce someone! Who wouldn’t want to be as beautiful as Betty or Joan? This collection takes me one step closer!


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Boots (and Superdrug I think) have the Kate Moss for Rimmel collection at £1 off at the moment so I thought I’d take the opportunity to stock up on some colours that I wouldn’t normally wear but which will be useful for my kit, either as stand alone colours or for mixing. Swatched above (in pretty rubbish light but the colours came out true I think) are 02, 04, 05 and 12. They’re very creamy and moisturising on and the pigment is super rich so they look exactly the same on lips as they do in the bullet. Staying power is also excellent though lip liner and a touch up would be necessary if you were planning on eating lunch. Overall I’m really very impressed-given that I ordinarily buy Chanel or Bobbi Brown lipsticks these are marvellous value for money. (I didn’t buy 01 which is a true red as it looks very similar to Bobbi Brown Red which I already have and love, but it looks like a good dupe.) The packaging isn’t exciting and looks fairly cheap but given that these went straight into a palette I don’t particularly care. I haven’t bought Rimmel lipsticks since I was a teenager but I’ll definitely be going back for more of these!

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I recently tried No 7’s Dry Skin Rescue, which is part of the new Beautiful Skin range. I was expecting an intensive moisturiser and the cream looks and smells like it would be nice on the skin. The blurb says:

‘The weather, central heating and daily stresses can all take their toll on your skin resulting in dry, flaky patches. This intensely hydrating multi-purpose balm, formulated with nourishing shea and cocoa butters and enriched with skin loving vitamins and minerals, provides an instant and long lasting moisture hit to relieve, soothe and visibly improve dry patches. For best results apply to dry patches at the beginning and end of the day or whenever your skin is in need of extra moisturising care.’

I have quite dry skin and it’s definitely worse in the winter so with the snow falling all around us I thought this might make a good treat for my flaky bits. It says it’s hypo-allergenic and for all skin types.

I put it on my cheeks and forehead as they were feeling dry and horrid and pretty much immediately felt my skin tightening up. Odd, I thought, that’s not what I expected. Within a minute or so I felt like I had wiped my face with alcohol. My skin was red, seemed significantly drier than before I’d used the ‘rescue’ product and, worse, was beginning to hurt. Probably stupidly I gave it ten minutes to settle in, thinking it would pass. By the end of that I felt like I had on one of those pore cleansing masks that dries sort of tight and ‘plasticky’ on your face and you peel off-about as far from ‘intensely hydrated’ as you can get. I had to go and wash it off with my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. I’m pretty disappointed as I thought it would make a good alternative to 8 Hour Cream for dry patches, but this is going straight back to Boots instead.


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