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Yesterday I bought a (fake, sadly) Christmas tree, wrapped all the presents we’ve bought, strung up the fairy lights and listened to carols all afternoon with DD while I decorated to my heart’s content.

DD loved the lights and spent ages staring at them!

It got me thinking about Christmas and how it is a dieter’s nightmare at the same time as being one of the loveliest times of the year.  That I know of so far, we’ve got two carol services (no doubt with mince pies and mulled wine), a ‘pre-Christmas’ lunch at ours for the inlaws about a week before Christmas, a week at my mother’s, a week with my father, lots of friends to see and many hundreds of miles to drive.  At my count we’re going to have at least two Christmas dinners, if not three, plus many pub meals, leftovers, service station food and gazillions of mince pies to try and avoid.  When I started WW I (perhaps naively) said that I was going to point throughout the holiday season but not on Christmas day, which I’d have ‘off’. I think, instead, I’m going to try and follow their ‘Filling and Healthy’ plan on the days where it’s impossible to point.  (I’m still having Christmas day off though!)

The Filling and Healthy plan is the Core plan rebranded, and Core is what I did when I lost weight with WW before so I’m pretty confident with it.  Essentially, it’s only eat healthy foods (whole grains, lean meat, fruit and veg etc) and only eat until you’re satisfied.  So far, so sensible.  (And actually, long term, a far better plan to stick to for life than one which involves counting points every day.)  It doesn’t, of course, include mince pies (more’s the shame) but it does mean that even a Christmas dinner is allowable as long as you make the right choices.  That means go easy on the gravy, only have a couple of roast potatoes, have lots of veg etc.  I can do that I think, and not feel deprived.  It’s also useful for pub meals, where you can usually get a piece of grilled fish with some veg, or a jacket potato or something.  When the inlaws come round I’m going to use a different tactic though, and sneakily cook the Christmas dinner recipes provided by WW – I’m hoping they won’t be able to tell it’s a low fat version!

I don’t want to spend the holidays obsessing about points and worrying about weighing out my potatoes.  Fingers crossed Filling and Healthy is the way to go…


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