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When I was at boarding school I used to charge my friends 10p or so and give them manicures with, admittedly, varying results. Once, in Year 11, I convinced my best friend to let me ‘style’ her and make her over-I can’t remember if we were going to a party or whether we were just bored on a Saturday afternoon, but the result remains immortalised in a photograph in my living room, a photo she cringes at every time she sees it! I love it though-she looks gorgeous (in a rather overly-made up way!) and it reminds me of when we were just starting to play with make up properly, seeing how it could temporarily change faces and, I think, moods.

Ever since then I’ve always harboured dreams of being a make up artist-it’s been ‘If I weren’t a xxx I’d be a make up artist’ at pretty much every stage of my life. Now that I’m on maternity leave I’ve realised that I don’t have any more excuses. I can do a course, see whether I like it, see whether I’m any good at it, and I’m not committed in anyway-plus of course I have my job to go back to in September. The problem is that courses are very expensive, upwards of £1000 for a week at a reputable place, but I found one in Manchester that’s done intensively over 3 days and is accordingly cheaper. (Not cheap though!)

I’m going at the end of the month and I am absolutely beside myself with excitement. The focus is on freelancing so I guess a long term plan-if I’m good at it that is-would be do it during the holidays for next academic year and then possibly, the year after that, see if it’s viable to go full time. To be honest the idea of being my own boss scares the living daylights out of me (tax returns?! No idea how they work!) but it would be an amazing adventure. And I really, really love make up, and people, and making people feel good about themselves-that’s a big part of my current job-so why not combine them?

Check out the website-I think it looks marvellous.

Make up Manchester

She also does a bridal course so if I enjoy this one as much as I think I will I might go on that too…

And finally, in the spirit of make up being a little boost for the soul, look at how beautiful my new nailvarnish is:


It’s Chanel’s Black Pearl and rather pretty I think.

(Also, newly painted nails are a great get-out-of-nappy-changes strategy…not that I’m advocating leaving your child in a dirty nappy of course, just palming the job off on someone without newly painted nails, such as your husband…heh heh!)


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