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I can’t go to my weigh in this week as my weigh day is usually Tuesday and tomorrow we’ll be driving across the country to see my folks.  I was feeling a bit panicked about it and worried that I’d get off track if I didn’t see the scales going down, so I decided to take my measurements instead to help me stay focused.  (I also bought a pair of cords from Fat Face in a size 14 to cheer me up.  Three things I haven’t said for a while – I haven’t worn cords since the 90s, Fat Face possibly since the 80s and a size 14 since last year!)

So here are the results, 8 weeks (almost) to the day since I started WW:

Waist -16cm
Hips -11cm
Bust -11cm
Arms -3cm each
Thighs -6cm each

I am rather proud of that!  The cords I bought are also a little bit big – the 12s fit but not comfortably so I decided to buy the 14s and not kid myself about being a 12 yet.  But I am on my way!

Christmas was lovely; DD looked super cute in her little red dress (and obligatory humiliating photo of her inside her stocking) and everyone loved their presents.  DH did himself particularly proud in buying mine – I got Chanel no 17. Poudre (GORGEOUS), a load of Bobbi Brown goodies including their cream eyeshadow in Moonstone which I’ve wanted for ages, a beautiful cobalt blue coat from Monsoon and a kindle!  I never thought I’d want a kindle, being of the school of thought that books-are-works-of-art-that-smell-lovely-and-nothing-will-ever-beat-turning-the-page-and-it’s-a-crying-shame-that-computers-are-taking-over-the-world, but you know what?  Turns out it’s possible to love the real thing as well as the electronic version.  So far on it I’ve read Dark Matter, a pretty spooky ghost story by Michelle Paver, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, a weird and wonderful story about a family with special ‘powers’ by Aimee Bender and some tripe by Sophie Crap-sella that was free.  I’m now reading Death Comes to Pemberley which is fantastic – I never thought P.D. James would pull off Austen’s voice but she really does and I’d thoroughly recommend it.  DH got an iPad from me and has, since staring at it open mouthed for a good ten minutes, pretty much ignored me ever since!  I feel like an iPad widow…

I’m now off to bed to have a bit of a read and get some sleep before our long haul tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot – DD has slept through the night for three nights in a row!  Please God let this become the norm…

I hope everyone’s had as merry a Christmas as we have!



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2.5lbs off this week means I’ve hit another Silver 7 and 10% in one fell swoop. I’ve lost 1.5st exactly since I started 7 weeks ago-a Merry Christmas indeed!

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So after a mammoth 9 hour journey to London from York (God knows why it took that long-we did have a 2.5 hour lunch stopover at my grandparents’ though) we have arrived and DD is settling into her new environment. Amazingly she’s slept fine both nights we’ve been here so far and hasn’t seemed too bothered by not being at home. Maybe she’s too little to notice? She’s finally met her other set of grandparents too and managed to vomit all over her great-grandmother which was a bit amusing and kind of nerve wracking as Great Granny was a bit confused by the whole concept of having a new baby in the family anyway. She kept forgetting who she was and poor DH had to tell her baby’s name about 5 times as she was convinced her name was Elvis and was understandably a bit put out as to why we’d given a girl a boy’s name. Actually I quite like Elvis as a nickname…

I have found a WW meeting to go to this afternoon as I wasn’t at home for my usual Tuesday meeting. I’ve been ill again and had a day of eating practically nothing and a day of eating roast with the inlawas so goodness knows how my weight loss will be affected. My plan is still to be very good all this week and then to not worry too much on Christmas day (within reason) so fingers crossed I can still lose over the Christmas period.  I’m on antibiotics at the moment which I’m sure is helping as it means I can’t drink even if I want to.  It was a shame to have to turn down my grandfather’s customary lunchtime glass of Madeira though!

Also later today, DD will get to meet the final member of the coven which is very exciting for us all!

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Home made mince pies a la WW-only 3PP each! They’re pretty tiny and the pastry is only on the bottom half, but they are very delicious. Yum.


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I’ve discovered the second best way to lose weight (the best way being to give birth to an 8lb baby). Get ill! I lost 3.5lbs this week by not eating very much due to a constantly churning stomach. My WW leader suggested it will provide me with a good buffer for next week, which I thought quite an odd way of looking at it. It’s sort of like saying that throwing up is good for you, which it clearly isn’t…yet another somewhat suspect way of looking at weightloss from WW. (Bearing in mind this is the same woman who said that drinking water flushes fat out of your body…now I’m no scientist, but…)

But the good news is that I am now officially fitting into all my size 14 clothes, and I even went into a few shops to try stuff on to confirm! I’ve been between a 14 and 16 for a few weeks now so it feels good to zip up a 14 very comfortably. I’m also only 1/2lb off having lost 10% of my starting body weight-fingers crossed I’ll reach that mini goal next week. I’m now weighing in at 12st 5.5lbs and I’d really love to see the New Year in with a weight in the 11s but I think that’s quite a tall order over Christmas. I’ll do my best though, and am going to be extra good this week as I’m sure once we go to my mother’s it’ll get considerably harder given that I won’t be allowed to do all the cooking. Keep your fingers crossed for a good loss next week for me…

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One of the hard things about being a fatty is that clothes can make you feel pretty crap about yourself.  The ones you have don’t fit, the ones you try on in shops seem designed to humiliate you by getting stuck over your head, the ones other people wear are always more beautiful and only ever going to fit a size 8…

I’ve spent the past 10 years or so amassing a collection of shoes that will always fit and a make up box to rival Lisa Eldrige’s.  (I expect.  I haven’t seen her make up kit.)  Make up has always made me happy.  When my bingo wings are grossing me out I can put on a gorgeous lipstick or smoky eye and feel instantly better.  My make up tends to always be a bit more dramatic than most people’s, mainly because I’d usually rather people look at my face than my body.

Lots of magazines do top 50 or top 100 lists of beauty products, often yearly, and I love browsing them for ideas – and to compile wishlists of course!  So here’s my own Best Buys for putting your face on.


I don’t tend to wear foundation (thank God my skin is ok – out of skin, body and hair it’s nice to have one that’s fairly consistently good!) but can’t live without concealer, specifically under-eye concealer.  There was a good 5 year period where I didn’t leave the house without it.  I’m not that vain anymore (and lets face it, with DD around I’m lucky if I brush my teeth in the morning) but I do love Bobbi Brown for all her concealing products.  Her corrector covers my (horrendous) dark circles brilliantly, and then concealer over the top to match my skin tone and a bit of powder means I’m set for the day.

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit


The beauty of eye shadows and liners is of course that you can wear whatever colour you like, and different people suit different things.  So this is really more about quality than colour, and I do believe that you get what you pay for when it comes to most make up.  In my opinion, the best mascaras out there are by Dior and YSL, and no matter how many people have told me Maybelline’s are brilliant, I’ve tried them, and they don’t compare.  These are the two I rate:

Diorshow for brilliant volume, colour and no clumps

YSL Faux Cils for superb length and definition

For the best range of powder eye colours I always look to MAC and for neutrals to Bobbi Brown (again – I love her).  MAC do great empty palettes that you can fill with your choices from hundreds of colours.

MAC powder eye shadow

Bobbi Brown always has wonderful palettes that are expensive but worth it, in particular the special editions.

Bobbi Brown Cool Party Eye Palette

Personally I wouldn’t be fussed by the blues but the quality is always fabulous and I have 3 of the past palettes.  I looooove them.

For cream eye shadow again, I always go to Bobbi Brown or, more recently, Chanel.  Bobbi Brown’s long wear cream shadows and liners are brilliant and really do stay all day, or all night if you opt for the gorgeous metallic shades.  They blend very easily with a finger or brush and are very good value for money as they last forever.  The brushes are also very good and the liner brush is a must-have for me.

Bobbi Brown Metallic Long Wear Cream Shadow

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner - better than in its many imitators

Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombre cream shadows are things of beauty and I have them all.  I’m not embarassed either.  They’re worth every bloody penny.  They blend, they go on sheer, they build up easily, they work as liners, they stay all day, the colours are perfect, they’re am-aaaaa-zing.  With a long aaaa.

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre

For liners, not much beats the Bobbi Brown one above, but Urban Decay are fantastic for their pencil liners.  They’re really soft and blend beautifully and the colours are lovely too.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil


Gloss, matte, stain – all personal choice.  I usually like a fairly sheer lipstick like Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine, or a Smashbox gloss – I don’t know why Smashbox aren’t more popular in this country because they’re brilliant, professional products.  I tend to do dramatic eyes, hence the more low-key lips, but if I do want a strong lip I’ll go for a strong red from Chanel Allure.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine (Boy is the BEST nude/pink shade out there)

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss - gazillions of colours in a comfortable, non-sticky formulation

So there you have it.  I have about 40 lip colours and a good 100 eye shadows so this was a hard list to make, but now that DD is around I need to start using my collection up rather than consistently adding to it…DH may be happy about this!

I find make up shopping a bit like browsing in a sweet shop, so I guess there’s a good reason I love it so much.  It’s a wonder all overweight people aren’t make up obsessives!

(Oh, and 1lb off this week despite the coven’s visit – woo!)

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The Coven.

My best friends and I call ourselves ‘the coven’, after the then-boyfriend of one of us called us that one time.  DH says when we get together we speak so fast it’s like listening to us talking in Chinese, and I quite like the idea of a mini coven of Chinese witches, cackling away together.  We’re very like that, but without the witchcraft, or the Chinese!

3 of the 4 of them came to stay this weekend to meet DD and have a bit of a reunion.  (No. 4 ditched us for a weekend in Berlin…if you’re reading this I hope it was COLD without us!)  It was so lovely to see them, introduce DD and generally ‘chat shit in Chinese’ (direct quote from DH).  There was a brilliant half hour or so where everyone was sitting on the floor painting their nails and poor DH was looking at us in mock despair…I know he loves it really though.  I’m the first to have a baby so there was a lot of cooing and cuddling and baby-talk, and DD absolutely loved it.  She was so chilled out for the whole weekend (apart from a half hour spell where she was fed up with being in the sling in the cold, bless her) and really smiley.  I think she liked all the attention!  They successfully wore her out too, because last night she slept from 8.15pm to 6am…OH THE BLISS!  I hope they come back soon and work the same magic spells.

I was a bit worried about sticking to the diet over the weekend as it’s always hard when you’re eating out or entertaining, so I saved all my weeklies for the occasion.  We went out for a Thai meal on Friday night and on Saturday we were out for lunch and then for supper I cooked risotto and we consumed a few bottles of champagne and wine.  I’ve pointed as faithfully as I could (bearing in mind a fair amount of guesswork was necessary for the Thai meal) and I think I’ve stayed within my points – just.  It will be interesting to see the effect on my weight loss this week, as I’ve never used all my weeklies, (well, 44) before – usually I don’t use more than about 20.  To be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything, but given that in the old days I’d probably have gained a couple of pounds from a weekend like that I’m hoping that I’ll have stayed the same weight instead.  Even if I haven’t, it was definitely worth it.  A treat weekend is important now and then!  (Especially when DH was lovely enough to do both nights ‘on duty’ so I could give myself my first hangover since 2010…ouch.)

So I’ll raise an imaginary glass to my lovely, crazy, nail-varnished, champagne wielding, Chinese, magical coven, who I love. x

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