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Despite the title, Oxfam’s ‘Big Bra Hunt’ is for bras of all shapes, sizes and varieties. The ‘Big Bra Hunt’ aims to collect a million bras in the month of April. They’ll be taken to Senegal where they won’t only help women who can’t afford to buy or make their own bras have a degree more comfort but they’ll also provide career opportunities.

As bra manufacturing is a complex process, very few developing countries have the facilities to make their own. Second-hand bras are therefore a valuable commodity and one of the most desirable items of clothing in West African second-hand clothing markets. Frip Ethique meaning ‘ethical second hand clothing’ – is a unique project run by Oxfam in Senegal that sorts and trades unsold second hand clothes from the charity’s UK shops. The project provides essential employment for disadvantaged women in the area and generates profits which can be invested in the charity’s work in West Africa.

So if you read my blog on wearing the right size bras and have realised you’re not, take your old ones to Oxfam and not only will you clear drawer space but you’ll also be helping women in Africa in more ways than one. (And buying new lingerie will be even sweeter.)

My maternity bras went to Oxfam this morning. The closest one to me is a bookstore so the 70+ year old man behind the counter looked a little frightened when I upended my carrier bag on his desk and announced loudly, ‘they’re for the bra amnesty!’ To his credit, he didn’t blush.


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A friend of mine is about to do a sponsored cycle ride around Mozambique to raise money for a priest, Fr Rafael, and his enormous and impoverished parish. Her blog is well worth a read-she’s doing some extraordinary work and Fr Rafael is an amazing man.

Have a look at Rafael in Mozambique and see for yourself. Really impressive stuff.

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