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Ok, I’m more than a little bit excited about this. Come May we will hopefully (fingers and toes crossed, prayers said, candles lit etc) be moving house and becoming homeowners for the first time. I haven’t written about it because I’m scared of jinxing it, and all the photos I’ve got at the moment are rubbish, but as soon as we’re in I’ll do a virtual tour.

We’ve always lived at my place of work due to the nature of my job in boarding education, so this is the first time since I did my teacher training that I’ll have to commute. The walk would be about 45 minutes, and I reckon the car ride would be about the same in rush hour. My solution was to buy a bike, but not just any bike, oh no…the BEAUTIFUL Bobbin Birdie in sky blue:


Now, I can ride a bike, and learned in the traditional ‘Dad holding on to the back then letting go and scaring child shitless’ method, but I haven’t really ridden one for about 10 years. In fact, since my teacher training, when I use to borrow DH’s old BMX from his teenage years.

I had several concerns.

A) Will I die?
B) Will I kill anyone else on the roads?
C) Will I look glamorous and beautiful at all times?

The nice man in the shop, York’s Cycle Heaven, assured me that a) I’m not especially likely to die, b) if I’m careful I shouldn’t kill anyone else on the roads, and c) I will always look glamorous and beautiful. Ok, he didn’t say the last bit. But of course I will-I’ll be on a Birdie! Even my accessories are gorgeous. Said nice man suggested I get panniers rather than a basket in order to carry my books and files to work, and showed me some very reasonably priced ones. He even managed to keep the glint out of his eye when I decided to buy the hideously expensive but pretty ones and a now totally unnecessary basket because I wanted to pretend to be Audrey Hepburn. Or maybe he’s just used to women with delusions of grandeur and an eye for pastels.


I rode home from the shop in the rain in about 5 minutes, which I thought pretty good for a normal 15 minute walk, and managed to avoid careening into oncoming traffic, stationary car doors opening, pedestrians and other, more professional cyclists. I’m going to practise-a lot-in the school car park and at the local park before I take to the streets proper, but I’m so, so glad I’ve done this. I think it will be great for my health to cycle to and from work come September, and hopefully when I’m a bit more confident I can take DD out on a baby seat too. And I’ll look like Audrey while I’m at it.


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A friend of mine is about to do a sponsored cycle ride around Mozambique to raise money for a priest, Fr Rafael, and his enormous and impoverished parish. Her blog is well worth a read-she’s doing some extraordinary work and Fr Rafael is an amazing man.

Have a look at Rafael in Mozambique and see for yourself. Really impressive stuff.

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