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OK, so normally my inner neat freak is hidden so far inside me that she barely gets a look in around the house, but today she got to come out and have a play with my make up.  I’ve used Muji boxes and normal make up bags for a while now but things were getting a bit mucky and, much to DH’s chagrin, taking over the bedroom.  So Little Miss Organised went to Lakeland and bought some little clippy boxes that are designed for spices or something, and voila…

I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to get everything nicely organised like this!

I’m not sure how WW is going this week.  I’ve kept to the plan pretty strictly – almost unintentionally really, I’ve barely used any weekly points – but I don’t feel like I’m going to have a loss on Tuesday, I don’t know why.  I just feel like I’m hitting a bit of a plateau.  I think also I’m not feeling great today because we had a picnic-finishing-what’s-in-the-fridge lunch and didn’t have any vegetables in the house (! shocking I know) so I had a bit of smoked salmon, a smoked mackerel fillet and some low fat prawn cocktail.  Not exactly a very good meal, though each bit of it was delicious!  No veg and no carbs.  Probably no wonder I feel sluggish.  Ugh.  I have been to the shop since and brought food for a proper meal for supper, you will be glad to know!


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